Saturday, August 16, 2008

Short Sales really can be a Win-Win-Win-Win

Well I had a good week! I got to help a really nice Tarpon Springs client get out of a bad situation that was getting worse by helping her to avoid foreclosure and getting her lender to accept a Short Sale! Oh yeah, and guess what else I got to do? I was able to help another really great couple who have been wanting to return to their hometown area from Texas buy this same home at a really great price! And...... I was able to help the lender in this case save a lot of extra money that it would have cost them to to pay attorneys to actually foreclose this property. And yes I did get paid on this deal too so that makes it a Win-Win-Win-Win situation! Does it get any better than that! And that is really what it is all about in this business! Helping others to Make their Move!

I have to throw out some serious Kudos to my favorite Title Agents at Star Title Partners in Palm Harbor, Florida because this would have been much harder to do without Mimi and Jennifer in my corner! We were all doing the happy dance when we knew this was all going to come together!

We of course can be relieved that all our hard work came to fruition with a success story but the best part is that now my client can move on with her life and her largest burdens have been lifted so she can focus on getting back on her feet again and move on.

No............ Short Sales are not for everyone, but for those that do qualify please know there is light at the end of the tunnel when you have an amazing team of people working for you that are experienced professionals. We can help you through this and help lift your burdens! It may take a little while and be a little tedious at times but as you can see there can be smiles all around in the end.

Thanks again to all of you who played a great role in this successful short sale story!


Brian P. Forrester said...


Glad to hear about your success story! We hear so much doom and gloom from everywhere these days. It's nice to know there is a group of professionals who are able to get things done!

TaraJacobsen said...

What a great story! Everyone wins and I know that they were working in with a SUPER professional and caring realtor who ALWAYS does a great job!!!