Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year from Sunny Florida!

Happy New Year fellow Real Estate enthusiasts! Well I am a little late but I wanted to finally post some Parade Photos from the Tarpon Springs Christmas Parade! What a gorgeous day we had for the Lakeside Community Church Float and Motorcycles biking for Jesus! We had a lot of fun passing out candy canes to the kids and invitations to our Christmas Eve services for those who may not have a home church to attend. Silly me, I figured I could just walk along side the float and leisurely hand out the goodies but instead we ended up running to keep up or catch up all along the Parade route. Parades move along faster than I anticipated! Next time I am hopping on the back of a Harley and waving from there!
Well it is exciting to start the new year with new business and excited clients. Next I want to talk about Short Sales and Pre-foreclosures and what that means compared to a real live foreclosure of someone's property. This is definitely a buyers market around here and there are lots of good deals to be had. The great thing about buying a pre-foreclosure home is that it is a benefit to everyone involved. It helps the seller avoid a foreclosure on their credit record, it helps actually save the banks money by avoiding huge attorney fees to work through the foreclosure process and lets the home get sold so it does not get in the banks inventory, and the buyer usually gets a great value and instant equity by buying the home at a great price! That is what we call a Win-Win situation! Everyone benefits. Believe it or not.......banks do not want to be in the business of home ownership, that just costs them more money and they have to hire a Realtor to get it sold again anyway. So consider this information when your friends or family might be getting a little in over their heads. If they can prove a hardship the banks really will work with them as it is in everyone's best interest.
DO NOT HIDE from the banks if you are going to be late in your payment. Talk to them immediately. They may be able to help with rate adjustments, give you a little extra time to pay, or consider the short sale option if you qualify. The sooner you are talking to them and have an experienced Real Estate Consultant trying to get your home sold ASAP the better off you will be!
More on this later! Have a great day!

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